Why Automated Mowing?

At Grass Munchers, we want to make mowing your own lawn a thing of the past. There will be no more trudging back and forth across your lawn, gasping for breath under the hot sun, no more dealing with bags of clippings, no more noisy engines when you just want to relax after work.

How do we plan to accomplish this? By unleashing a fleet of automated mowers across the landscape, mowers that are so quiet, they can take care of your lawn while you sleep, or while you recline on your patio with a cold drink.

How quiet are these mowers? If you’re reading this on your laptop, perhaps your cooling fan has started running to compensate for the YouTube video you’ve just been watching. If your fan is running at full power, that’s probably louder than these automated mowers.

How effective are they? Automated mowers run frequently, criss-crossing your lawn in a pseudo-random pattern, never letting it get overgrown. The constant clipping fertilizes your lawn and virtually eliminates weeds, so you don’t need to use any additional lawn care chemicals. A sensor system keeps the mower on your property and out of your flower beds. In between cuts, the mower automatically returns to its base station to recharge.

Are they safe? What if I have kids or pets playing on my lawn? The cutting mechanism is completely contained under the mower, which shuts off instantly if tipped. But it’s sensible to educate your children not to reach under any powered device.

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