Spring Booster Service

Get your lawn ready to enjoy your summer with our spring booster service. Choose from one of the following options:

Silver package – $150Gold package – $175Platinum package – $225
Rake leaves and debrisRake leaves and debrisRake leaves and debris
Mow lawnMow lawnMow lawn
Trim grassTrim grassTrim grass
Dethatch if necessaryDethatch if necessaryDethatch if necessary
Clean out garden bedsClean out garden beds
Trim hedgesTrim hedges
Manual aeration
Professional edging

Prices are based on an average 5000 square foot/0.1 acre yard. Contact us for a quote if you have a large yard.

All equipment is gas-free for lower noise and lower ecological footprint.

*If your lawn has less than half an inch of thatch, dethatching is not necessary.

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