Other Services

In addition to our automated mowing services, we also provide traditional lawn care services.

Conventional mowing

We provide periodic or on-demand mowing services. If you don’t want a long-term commitment, this is a good service option. Our lawn-care professionals will visit your yard at a time that’s convenient for you to mow, trim, and tidy your lawn, and dispose of the clippings.

Trimming and pruning

We trim hedges, prune trees and shrubs, and keep all of your landscape plants healthy and neat.

Dethatching and lawn repair

Does your lawn grow really fast, or really slow? Either situation can result in an unhealthy lawn. If your lawn grows too fast, a layer of roots and rhizomes can build up above the soil. Half an inch or less of this thatch is healthy. Any more, and you’ll need periodic dethatching.

Dethatching needs to be properly timed. Your lawn needs to be growing before it can tolerate dethatching, and there should be significant time let in the growing season for it to repair itself.

If your lawn grows too slowly, you might have unhealthy soil. Sandy soil lets water pass through too quickly, not retaining enough for healthy lawn growth. The solution might be as simple as watering more frequently until a healthy organic layer builds up. If your soil is too sandy, you might need more significant lawn repair.

Landscape and garden services

Our partner company, SOS Landscaping, provides weeding, gardening, and landscaping services: everything from laying sod to building a stone patio.

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