Let it snow? Oh no!

We woke up to a fresh carpet of wet snow this morning in Edmonton. It wasn’t unexpected if you’ve been paying attention to the weather forecast, and it’s not unusual in April, but it’s still an inconvenience.

At Grass Munchers, we can reduce the inconvenience for you. If you sign up for a year-round contract, we not only take care of your lawn; we clear snow from your driveway and sidewalk. The city of Edmonton bylaw requires the sidewalk in front of your house to be “clear of all snow and ice” within 48 hours after a snowfall. Grass Munchers takes the bylaw seriously, and will clear your driveway and sidewalk down to bare pavement.

Snow records in Edmonton

April 27 is not the latest we’ve had snow in Edmonton. On May 21, 1997, Edmonton received 26 cm of snow. That was the year of the strongest recorded El Niño event. In fact, July is the only month when snow has never been recorded in Edmonton.

We should be thankful that we’re only getting a few centimeters of snow, which will melt soon after. In 1974, April started with 61 cm of snow covering the ground, far more than the 2 cm historical average for the month.

Whether your yard is covered with thick grass or deep snow, a year-round contract with Grass Munchers has you covered!

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