Why you need a professional installation

You’ve decided to buy yourself an automated mower. You go to the nearest big-box hardware store, pick one that looks like a good value for the money, and take it home. The box contains the mower, charger, a roll of wire, a bunch of tent pegs, and an instruction manual. But you’re a do-it-yourselfer, so you can figure it out yourself.

A week later, you’re trying to figure out why the thing isn’t working properly, and you’ve decided that these robotic mowers don’t work well enough for your lawn.

For the most part, people who install their own robotic mower setup are not satisfied with their system’s performance. Even a simple lawn has potential problems that will reduce the mower’s effectiveness. If your yard has a deck, flower beds, trees, slopes, and other features, you will definitely need help to install an effective automated mowing system.

Grass Munchers can help!

At Grass Munchers, we don’t just look after your lawn, we install and maintain your mower system. Our manufacturer’s training enables us to anticipate the issues that stand between you and a perfect lawn. Here are some of the reasons why a professional installation makes such a difference.

1. Accurate measurement

To minimize or eliminate the need for trimming, your boundary wire must be laid a precise distance from the edge of your lawn, in a perfectly straight line. Different features require a different measurement, giving an inexperienced installer a lot to remember. We have the tools and the training to lay a perfect boundary.

2. Obstacle handling

How do you steer your mower around a fire pit? How do you keep it out of your flower beds? How do you avoid trees, hedges, or trampolines? Different obstacles merit different solutions. And it’s not always the same method for the same type of obstacle. An experienced installer will present a range of solutions to make your system work best on your lawn.

3. Slope management

The hill, you say? Those little robots can’t climb hills!

For the most part, you’re right. Most robotic mowers have trouble climbing slopes. But Husqvarna’s patented hill management system allows the Automowers to climb slopes up to 24 degrees. A skilled installer will make sure your mower can navigate your entire lawn, and consistently return to its charging station, even if there’s a hill in the way.

4. Cut and cover

To cover your entire lawn, your mower will probably have to cross at least one sidewalk, path, or driveway. That means cutting and resealing concrete, asphalt, or removing and replacing paving stones. Grass Munchers will work with you to find the best way to minimize the disturbance to your hard landscaping features while maintaining full lawn coverage.

5. Leveling the field

An uneven lawn can reduce your mower’s performance. We will evaluate which irregularities your mower can handle, which ones need to be leveled, and which should be evened out to improve mower performance.

6. Safe passage

Will your mower need to go through a gate, under a fence, or through a narrow opening to reach part of your lawn? We will discuss the options available to pass through barriers, and set up guide wires in the exact location required to navigate through narrow openings.

7. Remote service

Beyond the initial installation, Grass Munchers will monitor your mower for any continuing issues. If a problem can be solved remotely, we may have it fixed before you call us. If a problem requires on-site intervention, we will pay you a visit, or walk you through the solution on the phone if you prefer.

Our goal is to make your life easier by making your lawn care effortless. Call us today.

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