A new era in lawn care

Do you enjoy mowing your lawn? Think about that for a moment. Most people enjoy having a neatly clipped, weed-free lawn. They enjoy relaxing on their patio in the sun with a cold drink, enjoying the reward of a job well done.

But how many people enjoy pouring gas, navigating a crowded shed, or pulling that cord over and over again? At the start of the season, do you enjoy troubleshooting a reluctant mower that won’t start? When you get home after a long day at work, do you really want to spend an hour or two doing more work before you can relax? When you’re sleeping in on Sunday morning, I know you don’t enjoy hearing your neighbor fire up their mower!

In fact, while everyone enjoys the results of their efforts, few people actually enjoy the act of mowing their lawn—or the noise of someone else doing so.

If only you could come home every day to a perfect lawn, and sleep as long as you want on the weekend without worrying about yard maintenance.

The solution

The good news is, you can achieve lawn care utopia! An automated lawn care contract with Grass Munchers provides the following benefits:

  • Constant perfection. The Automowers run steadily, cutting your lawn in a pseudo-random pattern to keep it at a consistent length. But what about the noise?
  • Quiet operation. The mowers operate at 55 to 63 dB. That’s quieter than the cooling fan on your computer (much quieter if you’re using a gaming rig). It’s quieter than a casual conversation. You will not hear your Automower unless you’re right beside it.
  • Chemical-free. The frequent cutting keeps weeds from growing. You will never need to spray your lawn or pull weeds again.
  • Zero-effort. The mower is fully automatic. It cuts until your lawn is done, then returns to its base station to recharge. A sensor system (installed by us) keeps it on your lawn. If you want to interrupt the mower so your kids can play on the lawn, simply log into the mobile app and send it back to its base station.
  • Safe and secure. The mowers are protected by a PIN code to prevent unauthorized operation. They emit an alarm if they are removed from your lawn, and are equipped with GPS to aid in recovery if someone drives away with a screaming mower. If they are even slightly tipped while operating, the blades stop instantly.
  • Hands-off monitoring. We will visit your yard to perform trimming, garden bed cleaning, and any other additional services available to you, but we can monitor the mower and perform simple troubleshooting remotely through the mobile app. If the forecast calls for heavy rain, or there is an unexpected snowfall, we will use the app to tell the mower to remain at its base station.
  • Zero maintenance. Since you pay for the service rather than the mower, there are no unexpected maintenance expenses. If the mower experiences mechanical problems, will simply replace it with another unit while we have it fixed.

Act now and enjoy your summer!

To achieve the ultimate peace of mind in lawn care, contact us to book a consultation.

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