Skip the pollution from gas-powered lawn mowers

And get your lawn and landscaping done all at once.


Grass Munchers is proud to offer you the most eco-friendly lawn care service in the greater Edmonton area.

How do we do it? By using Husqvarna Automowers. These robot lawn mowers are the inspiration for the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. They run on batteries instead of gas, so they have zero emissions—unlike the traditional gas-powered lawn mower, which emits more pollution into the environment than a car in rush hour traffic.

Besides being eco-friendly, our Automowers are whisper-quiet and hassle-free. After one visit from us to do the setup, you can take the summer off from mowing and even have a nap in your yard while the Automower quietly cuts your lawn into a perfect green carpet.

We’re the first and only landscaping company in western Canada to offer lawn care with battery-operated robot mowers. That’s how we know our lawn care services are the most eco-friendly in Edmonton.

Landscaping Services

We can also take care of much more than your lawn with the help of our human staff! We offer a full array of landscaping services, everything from spring yard cleaning to trimming hedges to gardening to building stone patios.

Contact Us

To find out how we can take care of your yard, get in touch with our owner, Sandra.

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